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Our story

Our founding team has a diverse background in consumer behaviour, tech start-ups and media, but we all met working on various projects at RBC. These projects had us spending a lot of time with people; exploring the very complex, emotional and human domain of spending and personal finance.

Through our work we saw the massive divide between the financial industry and how people actually think, feel and experience money in their own lives. So, we decided to build personal finance for them.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to pitch our plan to RBC Ventures. Needless to say, it got funded. The relationship between us and RBC Ventures is more than just financial backing. We are able to bring so much of what Canadians have come to know and trust from its parent company, RBC, to our community at Wellspent.

Read more about our strong beliefs:

1. We believe money is emotional—not technical

Pie charts will never fully capture our finances. We all have unique reasons behind the decisions we make. Let's stop ignoring those reasons.

2. Spend with intention

Be present during every transaction. Know where your money is going, and why you're making those choices.

3. We're humans, not robots

There's no one way to spend. Let's start thinking about our money in the context of our own lives.

4. Always reflect

Reflection is the key to happiness. We're not the first to say it, but we're definitely the first to apply it to the context of money.

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