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The first money management app that cares about your feelings.

How you feel about the choices you make is essential to managing your money. Starting with reflection, Wellspent helps you see the full picture of your finances.

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Link your debit and credit cards.

Connect any debit and credit card and see all of your transactions in one place automatically.

Add transactions manually.

If you make cash purchases or don't want to link your card, you can add your transactions manually.

Swipe to reflect.

Swipe to reflect on each of your transactions by asking yourself, “was this worth it?”

Reflect weekly and be entered in our Reflection Rewards Contest

Each time you reflect you'll be one step closer to being entered to win in our Reflection Rewards Contest.

Read contest Terms and Conditions

Create custom tags and stay organized.

Tag and organize your purchases in ways that make sense to you. Doing this will also help you track your habits.

See what you spend, where you spend it, and how those choices are making you feel, in a way that actually makes you want to look at your finances.

See your daily, weekly, monthly spending patterns.

Your feed will show you how you're spending  for each day, week and month. And even better, you’ll see how those habits have changed over time.

Your spending visualized by category and tag.

Simple graphs and charts make it easy to see exactly where your money is going at a single glance.

Learn to "do better."

Discover habits and choices that you regret, and make a decision to choose better in the future.

Search for stuff.

Quickly find any transaction, merchant, category or tag, sort by time period.

Review your habits.

View your spending choices each month; organized by merchant, category or tag and get insights on where you can spend less to gain more value.

Spend well. Be happy.

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