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Money management for people with feelings

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The only expense tracking app that begins with reflection.

Get a clear picture of your personal finances

We've made it easy to see exactly where your money is going—and how that's making you feel.

Learn to make better choices with your money

Reflect on your purchases and organize them in meaningful ways. We'll show you habits you might want to change.

Reflect weekly and you'll be entered to win a prize.

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Your guide to smarter, happier spending.

Link any card

Safely & securely link any bank account and connected cards.

Add transactions manually

Paying with cash—or don’t want to connect an account? Add purchases manually.

Everything in one place

See all the things you've purchased from all your accounts in one place.

Check your balances

A clear and simple overview of your full financial picture.

Search for anything

Quickly and easily find any of your past transactions, and filter by time frame.

Review your monthly spending

At the end of each month, get an overview of where your money went.

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Money is emotional

By acknowledging that our feelings matter, we can learn to be smarter and happier with our spending.

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The only expense tracking and budgeting app that cares about your feelings

Track your expenses

One place to view your balances and all your expenses

Reflect and organize

Add more context to your purchases by reflecting and tagging them

Learn to spend better

Cut out the purchases you regret and make better choices

What people say about us:

“It’s good to see all the stuff that I shouldn’t be spending on. Seeing the frequency of how much I eat out makes me concerned.”

Stacy T.

“I’m looking to understand what I spend on groceries, non-essentials, transit, and living expenses so I can compare what I’m paying for needs and wants.”

Michael V.

“I believe that information and clarity will empower people to truly own their choices and bring them more happiness.”

Marcela H.

Spend well. Be happy.

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“I haven’t seen anything like Wellspent. I really hate tracking my finances but this process makes so much sense to me."

Tema S.

“A tool to help me figure out what I want to do tomorrow, next week, and in the future. This is a mindfulness tool.”

Anita M.

“Wellspent is providing consistent value - why would I remove it from my phone. It provides me a peace with my money that I hadn’t previously enjoyed.”

Anita M.

“Sometimes I forget the subscriptions I have. One time I was paying for Audible and I didn’t realize for four months.”


“I’m looking to understand what I spend on groceries, non-essentials, transit, and living expenses so I can compare what I’m paying for needs vs wants.”

Michael V.

“Our relationship with money will differ between different people and that’s ok.”

Anita M.

"I want to make informed decisions or what’s good and what’s bad and where I should make changes.”

Michael V.

"It isn’t the dollar amount but rather the experience that we are engaging with."

Anita M.