Your guide to happier, smarter spending

Put your money where your mind is

Life is messy, complicated, and emotional—so is your money

Each day, we spend our money without taking the time to stop and think about how these choices make us feel. Yet, how we feel about our money obviously has a huge impact on our overall happiness and wellbeing. We built Wellspent to bridge this gap—and connect how you feel about your money with how you think about it.

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Most money apps just focus on the numbers—we care about so much more


Reflect on your spending


Track and learn what you value


Spend your money better

Link any debit or credit card,
‍see all your spending in one place

We're backed by RBC Ventures Inc. which means your data is safe with bank level security.

Keep track of your spending and learn to spend better

Ask yourself:
How much did I spend on good choices?

Swipe to reflect how you feel about a purchase

Ask yourself:
Was it worth it?

Use tags to organize your spending based on how it fits within your life

Ask yourself:
Why did I buy this?

Search for any merchant, category or tag and dig a little deeper into your habits

Ask yourself:
How much did I spend on pizza?

Review what you've spent and what you value—so you can start making better choices

Ask yourself:
Am I happy with my choices this month?
Is there anything I want to change?

Wellspent is a money app that focuses on you, your choices, and your happiness

The benefits of using Wellspent:

Gain a sense of balance and control

Bring awareness to your spending habits

Make each purchase with intention

Build money habits you're proud of

Learn from the choices you regret

Reduce your money anxiety and stress

Be mindful with your money

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